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My violin made 1997 by Alberto Giodano

Welcome at FilmTunes! I offer you my services as composer of original music for your movie project. Please listen to the following excerpts from film scores I have written for television and cinema. Perhaps there is something in the style you would need as a soundtrack for your film, video, CD-ROM, website or theatre play. Or maybe you don't find it but you look for someone to compose it. You may also contact me (elsner(at) about obtaining a demo CD, asking for prices of original music creation or licensing my stock music for use in your project.

If you wish to find out about my references as film composer, the directors and production companies with whom I work, please visit the info-page.

Thanks for listening!
Bernhard Elsner

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Streaming sad music Download sad music It Is Over
A sad melody bedded on smooth strings. Have your handkerchief ready!

Streaming film music score Download film music score Tracking The Tiger
Score for a documentary for France3 about tigers in Siberia and their interaction with the people living there.

Streaming multimedia music Download multimedia music Kaay ma raay la
Melodic music. Calls from far away lead to passion nearby.

Streaming tango music Download tango music Cuando Isis bailˇ con Figaro suyo
Melodies with tango rhythms... Film music score in PDF.

Streaming soundtrack Download soundtrack Alice's Theme
Alice listens to the radio in her Antique store. She doesn't live in today's world... Download the sheetmusic of that soundtrack.

Streaming minimal music Download minimal music Passage
It's all the same! Minimal music expecting an end.

Streaming film music Download film music To Catch A Dog
Medley of the soundtrack composed for Luca Armenia's film To Build A Fire (after the novel by Jack London).

Streaming jingle Download jingle Pompadour
Jingle for a TV magazine on history.

Streaming film music Download film music The Forest of the Bleeding Oaks
Orchestral music with special effects for a fantasy movie. An oak forest with bleeding leaves...

Streaming title music Download title music Title Music (with speaker)
Title music for the TV documentary series When the World Spoke Arabic.

Streaming film music Download film music Farag
A middle-eastern danse for oboe and percussion. Composed for the TV documentary series When the World Spoke Arabic.

Streaming filmmusic Download filmmusic Dozing Whale
Syntheziser music depicting a young whale dozing near the sunny surface waters.

Streaming cinema music Download cinema music Spannungen
Cinema music. A youth sin for string ensemble.

Streaming filmscore Download filmscore Clouds Above Waterloo
Dark orchestral intro followed by a romantic melody on the solo violin.
Play film music Film music download Les orphelins de la Ta´ga (with speaker)
Music for a documentary on young bears in Siberia. Composed for Canal+ together with my peer Tanguy Follio.

Play film corportate film music Corportate video music download Bonnes graines
Music for a corportate video.

Streaming library music Download library music The Blue Mountains
Calm and peaceful ambient music with orchestra and choir.

Streaming mood music Download mood music Angry Angel
Musical oppositon of two moods.

Streaming production music Download production music The Meeting In Glavinica
Somewhere in Eastern Europe a small group of musicians has a tough fight against the persistent morning fog. Follow the score of that production music in PDF.

Soundtrack streaming Soundtrack download Alban's Apfelstrudel
Part of my score for Michel Foucault par lui-même, a cinematographic essay produced by Arte.

Streaming comment with underscore Download comment with underscore Mosquée (with speaker)
An example of a discreet underscore for the TV production Byzantine Complexity.

Streaming comment with underscore Download comment with underscore Crépuscule (with speaker)
Another example of the same television documentary.

Streaming film music Download film music Seelenvoll - Death in Venice
Very mellow melody for strings, harp and oboe d'amore. Composed for the Venice episode of the TV production Byzantine Complexity. Film music score in PDF.

Streaming soundtrack Download soundtrack Solitude
Calm melody for English horn.

Streaming film score Download film score Pilgrim's Dream
Middle Ages. A pilgrim gathers his fellows for the voyage to the Holy City. Instrumentation for vibratoless strings, flutes and brass, written in the dorian mode.

Streaming music for movie Download music for movie Byzance
Antique kitsch for soprano and brass. Composed for the TV documentary Byzantine Complexity.

Video samples
Video with music accompagniment      When The World Spok Arabic
Video with music accompagniment      Byzantine Complexity

These soundtracks are copyright protected. Please contact film composer Bernhard Elsner if you wish to license this cue music for use in your movie.